Teach One Lesson about Philanthropy

TeachOne of these four #GivingTuesday lesson plans
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Each one-session lesson is followed with a simple and powerful service project and reflection. These lessons spark meaningful discussions and service that centers on giving, sharing, and caring. TeachOne in your classroom or rally others in your building to TeachOne on GivingTuesday, November 28.  

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Written by teachers to be adapted K-12 to fit your students' interests and abilities.  

Click the lesson title below for the full lesson plan or simply download the 2-page lesson PDF and supporting PowerPoint presentation. Each PowerPoint is equipped with links to videos, images, and content to support your teaching. *If you would like a PPT version rather than PDF version of the supporting PowerPoint, please email us at hello@learningtogive.org 

1. Deliver Gratitude Day

(Lesson Plan | PowerPoint)

Lesson: This lesson focuses on the meaning and benefits of gratitude. Students give examples of what people give up (opportunity cost) when they give philanthropically. Written by Ms. Mary Slabaugh 

Project: Students will decide how they can 'deliver gratitude' to a deserving person or group. They will then complete a service such as writing thank you notes. 

2. Impact of Giving

(Lesson PlanPowerPoint)

Lesson: Students investigate local and global hunger issues, and learn about nonprofits in the community. Students examine root causes and effects, and learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and #GivingTuesday. Written by Ms. Lauren Bailey, Ms. Lynn O'Brien, and Ms. Kristin Candelaria  

Project: Students organize an event, such as a volunteer fair or game-a-thon, and raise awareness of the issue or of giving opportunities. 

3. Bedtime Bags

(Lesson Plan | PowerPoint)

Lesson: Students learn about people and children who are homeless. Written by Ms. Mary Slabaugh and Ms. Megan Comparato

Project: Students make bedtime bags for children in shelters as their service project.

4. GivingTuesday

(Lesson Plan | PowerPoint)

Lesson: Students define philanthropy and discuss the joy of giving, as well as various ways to give through nonprofits in the community. They learn how GivingTuesday uses the power of social media and combining efforts with others to make a big difference. Written by Ms. Lynn Ann O'Brien, Ms. Lauren Bailey, and Ms. Kristin Candelaria.

Project: Students explore their giving passion and use communication as an instrument of change during #GivingTuesday. 

5. Bonus LessonRefugee Welcome Kit

Lesson: Research local organizations that support refugees and discuss how people use time, talent or treasure to help refugees.

Project: Coordinate a drive to bring in items for an organization that helps refugees. 


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With four TeachOne initiatives throughout the calendar year, Learning to Give makes it easy to infuse giving and community into your plans. Choose from four featured lesson plans for each initiative: 



Learning to Give lessons, written by teachers like you, teach the principles of philanthropy and action of service in a meaningful context. Students learn that we ALL have something to give to make the world a better place. 





Teaching students to give time, talent, and treasure for the common good helps build stronger students and communities. Giving is contagious




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