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Areyvut and Learning To Give Partnership


Started in September 2002, Areyvut reaches out to Jewish day schools and congregational schools, regardless of affiliation. Cognizant that few schools maximize their resources to effectively promote the values of chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam, Areyvut offers a unique opportunity for schools to create innovative and meaningful programs to make these values a reality for students and educators alike.


Areyvut's mission is to promote the formal integration of chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam into Jewish education. Areyvut's goal is to train educators throughout the United States, and to provide them with the resources and expertise to incorporate these ideals and practices into their core curricula. By training Jewish educators using specific methodology we hope to strengthen these fundamental Jewish values, ensure the transmission of these values to the community at large and revitalize the commitment by children and adults to perform acts of chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam as part of their daily lives.

Chesed - Kindness; Acts of kindness.

Tzedakah - Charity; Charitable acts. (From the word tzedek, meaning righteousness or justice.)

Tikkun Olam - Acts of kindness to repair or perfect the world (lit. Repairing the world.)



Areyvut and Learning to Give have initiated a strategic partnership to teach philanthropic values, citizenship skills, and knowledge about the role of the voluntary sector to the next generation. To that end, Areyvut and Learning to Give will:

  • Add a component on the Jewish perspective of giving and service to the Learning to Give Web site.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for general and Judaic studies teachers on how to address giving and service from an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Expand the resources of Areyvut and LTG through the sharing of personnel, and expertise.

  • Develop content briefing papers and background materials on the Jewish perspective and religious traditions of giving and service.

  • Replicate and edit existing Learning to Give units, integrating Jewish religious and historic traditions into lessons for Jewish educators.

For more information about Areyvut, please contact Daniel Rothner,
Founder and Director, via e-mail at daniel@areyvut.org, by phone at
(212) 813-2950 or visit the Areyvut Web site at www.areyvut.org.

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