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Evaluation Is Reflection
Lesson 4
Academic Standards
Philanthropy Framework


Students will evaluate their learning about philanthropy and the service project by completing a written reflection on their experience.  The reflection will not be just a recap but a looking back to identify with "new eyes" those aspects of philanthropy that came to light through the experience.


One Forty-Minute Class Period


The learner will:

  • reflect on and evaluate contributions to the common good through acts of philanthropy.

Service Experience:

Although this lesson contains a service project example, decisions about service plans and implementation should be made by students, as age appropriate.
Learn more about the stages of service-learning.

None for this lesson.


  • Journal
  • Student copies of Reflective Writing Rubric ( Attachment One )
Handout 1
Reflective Writing Rubric

Instructional Procedure(s):

Anticipatory Set:
When the learners enter the room, have the following statement on the chalkboard:
“ I can contribute to the common good of the community each time I. . .” Encourage the learners to add a phrase to the board that completes the sentence before taking their seats. Discuss.


  • Distribute student copies of Reflective Writing Rubric ( Attachment One ). Discuss the reflection/evaluation task. Give the learners the rest of the period to respond to the rubric.


  • The teacher will collect and read the reflective evaluations of the service-learning project.
  • Annotate and evaluate their responses based on the rubric given to learners.

Cross-Curriculum Extensions:

It is hoped that learners will want to accomplish more service learning projects during the academic year as a volunteer.

Bibliographical References:


Lesson Developed By:

Carolyn Lausch
St. Richard's School
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Kathi Keen
St. Richard's School
Indianapolis, IN 46205


Handout 1Print Handout 1

Reflective Writing Rubric

Directions: Think about the “Advisory: A Call to Action!” unit and the service learning experience and complete a reflection/evaluation in five paragraphs. Each paragraph should include eight to ten sentences.

Paragraph One:

Introduction: What is philanthropy/service-learning?


Paragraph Two:

Explain your role in the service-learning project.


Paragraph Three:

How did the project build a bridge between you and the community in which you served? Include both joys and frustrations and five examples of acting for the common good.


Paragraph Four:

What would you recommend to the next student who might follow you in the same assignment?


Paragraph Five:

“Why is it important to be involved in a project like this?”


Paragraph Six:

Conclusion: Respond to the question, “How do I see myself in relationship to the community?”


Philanthropy Framework:


Kathi, Teacher – Jackson, MI10/29/2007 8:46:26 PM

(The positive aspect of using this lesson was) the students really embraced and owned the idea of philanthropy. They gained a deeper understanding of how to give of their time, talent, and treasure.

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Unit Contents:

Overview:Advisory—A Call to Action Summary


What Is Service Learning?
History of Philanthropy
Advisory in Action
Evaluation Is Reflection

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