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"State of the World's Mothers" Report from

Save The Children

mother with babyMother's Day is celebrated in countries around the world. Every mom wants to celebrate the health and happiness of her children, but what moms have to celebrate varies dramatically depending on where they live. How a country supports its mothers and children is critical to its success. Every year, Save the Children releases this "State of the World's Mothers" report. Read about their research and great articles about this issue. The end of the report includes an index with rankings of all the countries in the world -- where do they fall in issues related to women and children. Where do you think your country will fall?

This report has detailed facts and concise data. A great discussion starter and source for research.

What makes some countries make the top of the Index list? What makes countries fall to the bottom of the list? Why is the United States at number 33 in the Index ranking?

Use this report and accompanying reflection questions and teaching units to guide youth as they explore the global issue of child health. We hope these resources spark creative discussion and action about global issues and the power to make a difference.

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