Learning to Give, Philanthropy education resources that teach giving and civic engagement

Faith Groups


buildingLearning to Give Briefing Papers

Philanthropy Briefing Papers give educators and parents an abbreviated snapshot of significant concepts people and organizations linked with philanthropy…in this case, Philanthropy and religion.

(Access the Interfaith Denomination for Briefing Papers on Altruism, Charity, Freedom of Religion, Motivations for Giving and Serving, and Tithing).

Philanthropy in America

Philanthropy Concept Papers on topics from Altruism to Stewardship plus Philanthropy and the various faiths. From "Philanthropy in America," a respected comprehensive historical encyclopedia.

Islamic Philanthropy

Islamic Society of North America

(Access the Interfaith Denomination for Philanthropy in America Papers on Altruism, Reciprocity, Religion and Philanthropy, and Stewardship.)

Voices of Faith

Written from the perspective of practicing members of their faiths, these essays offer broad overviews and also cover philanthropy and topics of interest within the various religions.

Philanthropy in Islam (Islam)