Amy Ishee

Covington Middle School
TX 78749
United States
Why I want my students to be involved in volunteering and service, etc. 
I believe that when students practice service-learning they are able to develop empathy and see people as individuals and not just groups. This allows them to care for those in their schools, their families, and around the world.
Tips for infusing philanthropy... 
We have an advisory that is dedicated to developing leaders in philanthropy. Students have to apply to be in this program. In all my other classes, I still look for ways that kids can learn about helping others in my elective classes as well. At the start of the week, in all my classes, I ask for students to share good things that happened over the weekend. This leads to interesting discussions about the kids and what's going on in their lives. I also have students design thank you letters and things like that in my design classes.
I taught this LTG lesson 
Random acts of Kindness
How I adapted the lesson for my learners 
It was just perfect as-is. The lesson allows students to consider what other ways they can show kindness, not just during service projects. Our service project is an act of kindness itself, creating blankets for children in crisis.
Student Impact 
We talked about what kinds of kids were in crisis, and I gave examples of kids who might receive the blankets that we made. My Philanthropy students created an instructional slide show to help the rest of the school know how to make the blankets. They helped other classes and took supplies. They helped plan the details of the project as well. Students created over 150 fleece blankets to give to Project Linus, a national charity that provides blankets to children in crisis.