Libby Richardson

Grade Level: 
Coopersville East Elementary
MI 49404
United States
Why I want my students to be involved in volunteering and service, etc. 
I believe my job is to not only teach my students' minds, but also their hearts. My students are the future. Therefore, it's important to teach them the value of service and philanthropy. When they learn philanthropy is about giving time and talent (not just money), they realize they can make a difference regardless of their age.
Tips for infusing philanthropy... 
Our classroom has a partnership with our local assisted living center. We travel there once a month to read with the residents. We call this service-learning opportunity "Inter-Generational Reading Buddies." I found LTG lessons by searching "philanthropy" and "service learning" and chose lessons appropriate for my second graders. We did a special LTG lesson that focused on sensitivity training before our first trip the assisted living center.
I taught this LTG lesson
How I adapted the lesson for my learners 
I adapted the LTG lessons into SMART exchange notebook presentation because I often teach using a SMART board. We also read the story, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge, on YouTube since I did not have access to the actual book. My students love read-alouds from websites like YouTube. My students also enjoyed the "sensitivity training" from the LTG lesson because it was a hands-on activity where they learned about physical and mobility difficulties senior citizens may have.
Student Impact 
My students loved reading aloud to residents at a local assisted living center. They also enjoyed hearing the residents stories about schools long ago. My students learned that they could be friends with someone from another generation (someone older than them). They also learned how to be mindful and sensitive to others with physical and mental difficulties.